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You are searching for museums in the Saarland that hold rescue services artefacts? You want to know what mining collections there are in Bavaria? You want to communicate with institutions or initiatives that run visitors’ mines? Use the powerful search parameters available with our search the collections tool.


The search parameters in the individual segments are dynamically linked with “AND”. Once you have made your selection, only the values that occur in the relevant selection will be displayed. For example, if you select the state of Bayern [Bavaria], then under “City” only those cities with mining collections in Bavaria will be displayed. Or simply use the free text field, and enter your search term directly there. You can truncate search terms with *.


You can display the results in a list or as a map view. Note for use via mobile devices: Please scroll to the bottom of the page for search results.


For each institution you will then see a short description and an overview of the object groups that exist in a given collection, and with the focal aspects of the Collection.


Zechenhaus Herberholz

Das im Muttental in Nähe des historischen Bethauses gelegene Zechenhaus zeigt seit 1982 eine vorwiegend technische Sammlung, die der Förderverein bergbauhistorischer Stätten, Arbeitskreis Witten,…

Gruben- und Feldbahnmuseum Zeche Theresia e.V.

Das Gelände der 1893 stillgelegten und bis dahin im Verbund mit der benachbarten Zeche Nachtigall betriebenen Zeche Theresia wurde zuletzt als Schrottplatz genutzt, bevor die neu gegründete…